Our Projects

  • Riser Pipe

    Riser Pipe

    Triad teamed with Traylor Industrial to fabricate and install new riser pipe sections for the Cooling Tower Replacement Project at Evaptech’s Fort St. Vrain Station…

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  • Balustrades and Handrails

    Balustrades and Handrails

    Triad is anticipating completion by the end of the year on the fabrication of nearly 11,000 feet of balustrades and handrails for Shimmick/Traylor/Granite Joint Venture…

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  • API-650 Storage Tanks

    API-650 Storage Tanks

    Triad fabricated and delivered two 12’-0” Dia. X 14’ tall API-650 storage tanks. This project was unique in the fact that these tanks had a…

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  • Howard Frankland Bridge

    Howard Frankland Bridge

    Triad was selected to fabricate approximately 1200 tons of pile templates for the Howard Frankland Bridge project in Tampa, FL. The project had a very…

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  • Coal Gasification

    Coal Gasification

    Triad successfully executed a contract to fabricate and deliver all of the high-pressure injector nozzles that were used in a coal gasification plant that was…

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  • Air Quality Control System

    Air Quality Control System

    Triad was selected as the fabricator to supply Air Quality Control System components for a coal-fired power plant in Kentucky. Triad fabricated three units of…

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