Balustrades and Handrails

Triad is anticipating completion by the end of the year on the fabrication of nearly 11,000 feet of balustrades and handrails for Shimmick/Traylor/Granite Joint Venture on the Airport Guideway and Stations Design-Build Contract in Honolulu, Hawaii. These stainless-steel architectural balustrades will be used at four of the stations on the project and serve as another major TCG project collaboration.

Our team began work on the project nearly a year ago, providing us with new experience and set of capabilities. This project is our first involving polished architectural stainless steel, posing a few challenges for the team. To ensure the integrity of the stainless steel and avoid cross contamination, we must maintain a separate area of our shop that is solely dedicated to this project. We must also meticulously weld the steel so that every seam blends with the rest and appears as one seamlessly polished piece.

This project also provides our team with experience shipping outside of the contiguous United States. Doing so requires additional packaging and crating precautions to ensure the items are “sea-worthy” and will arrive undamaged.